Monday, June 27, 2011

Ukrainian Solar Plant Signals Green Power Drive

CRIMEA, Ukraine -- Ukraine has finished building its first solar power station, part of a drive to produce greener energy and reduce the country’s dependence on imported gas.

It wants alternative energy to make up to 30 percent of the total over the next four years; at the moment some 60 percent of energy resources comes from abroad.

Designed by Austrians, the plant’s scope is modest.

It will supply around 5,000 households in the small Crimean village of Rodnikovoe and the surrounding area, but Ukraine’s green ambitions stretch much further.

The country is the 12th largest energy market in the world and exports electricity to several neighbours. Its southern regions have a high potential for solar energy.

Next month should see the completion of another solar plant 60 kilometres (37 miles) away, providing power to 20,000 consumers.

Source: euronews


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