Seven Churchgoers Die In Ukraine Road Accident

LVIV, Ukraine -- Seven Ukrainian churchgoers died and seventeen were injured in a Sunday road accident, police officials said. The victims had been en route to worship at the Krehovsky monastery in western Lviv province, said Svetlana Dobrovolska, a police spokeswoman, according to a Channel 5 television report.

The Orthodox Christian pilgrims' minibus collided head on with a lorry in the early morning hours, after the lorry driver fell asleep, according to the report.

It was not clear from initial reports whether the lorry driver was among the injured. Survivors were being treated at local hospitals.

Ukraine's road system is among Europe's most dangerous. Analysts say poor road conditions, corrupt police unwilling to enforce traffic law, and overuse of some road sections are all contributing causes.

Source: DPA


Olga said…
Poor people. I am in shock. I like Ukraine. It has many beautiful churches. Very beautiful ones are in Kiev. My favourite is St. Sophia Cathedral