Ukraine Presidential Vote Called

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's parliament has voted to hold presidential elections on 25 October.

A clear majority, 401 deputies backed a resolution on the date for the poll, in which President Viktor Yushchenko hopes to stand for a second five-year term.

Senior MPs, including the speaker of parliament, had earlier suggested it would take place in January 2010, the end of Mr Yushchenko's current mandate.

His popularity ratings have sunk, to 2.4% in recent months, in the wake of a dispute with Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

Source: BBC News


Max said…
This is good news. The Ukrainian people and their representative support the influence of the public in having a resolution between political leaders. In my view, they represent also the state of the world at large, and difficulty to get along with those people that we don't get along to. At one point, we had the possibility of leaving or starting a war,but now, we might have to start working out these difficulties as we grow smaller as a planet.
By the way, what is this website about?