Family Held To Ransom As Brit 'Kidnapped' In Ukraine

LONDON, England -- A British man has been kidnapped in Ukraine with a ransom on his head, according to his terrified family.

Eren Parker's family claim he has been kidnapped in Ukraine, while the Foreign Office has confirmed a man has gone missing in the city of Odessa.

News Shopper understands 25-year-old Eren Parker was snatched from Odessa, a city in the south of Ukraine.

His family claim Ukrainian “mafia” are demanding thousands of dollars to ensure he is released safely.

His cousin Erol Kesen, 27, from Beckenham, England claims Mr Parker’s sister and father are already in the country negotiating his release with the kidnappers.

He says the family have paid out $5,000 but the men holding Mr Parker want more.

He added: “His mother just wants to hear his voice but they won’t even allow that.

“He was supposed to fly out of the country with his uncle but went missing before that happened.

“The initially wanted $60,000. The family have already transferred $5,000 via Western Union but they want more.”

Mr Pekin says his cousin, from Cornish Grove, Penge, was last seen in a casino before he was kidnapped in the early hours of last Tuesday (April 7).

It is understood Mr Parker, who is not married and has no children, was on a two week holiday in the country.

Mr Kesen added: “The police have done nothing. They advised us not to pay the money but nobody seems to know what is going on.”

The Foreign Office has confirmed a British man is missing in the eastern European country.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: “We can confirm a British national has gone missing in Odessa, Ukraine.

“He was reported missing on April 9."

She said Ukrainian authorities were investigating the case, adding: “Our consular staff are in regular contact with the British national’s family.”

Source: News Shopper