Unrest In Ukraine Appears On The Rise

KIEV, Ukraine -- Signs of unrest are growing in Ukraine, as the economy edges closer to collapse, various observers said.

A woman sells apples in a street in Kiev. Ukraine has been hit hard by the global financial crisis and is expected to fall deep into recession this year as the currency weakens and industry has all but ground ot a halt.

Protesters have camped out in Kiev, the nation's capital. One protester, Vasily Kirilyuk, predicted "a revolt," The New York Times reported Monday.

As anger rises, Kirilyuk held a sign that pointed the blame broadly.

The sign said: "Get rid of them all," the Times said.

About 200 truck drivers were parked outside the city, prepared to block roads in protest, demanding the government help them with their debts.

As presidential campaigning heats up, however, politicians were loath to push for much needed austerity measures, the Times said.

The International Monetary Fund has suspended a $16.4 billion loan program, because Ukraine hasn't done enough to trim its budget, the Times said.

"We want the government and the national bank to agree that the money allocated by the International Monetary Fund, at least part of it, should go to regular people," truck driver Viktor Zarichnyuk said.

A recent poll indicates that 57 percent of respondents in the county say they want President Viktor Yushchenko to resign. He is running against Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich. The election is scheduled for January.

Source: UPI