Ukraine: Ghost That Haunts Rail Crossing Seen By Drivers

CHERNIHOV, Ukraine -- Does a ghost haunt a railway crossing in the Ukraine? A number of rail workers in the Eastern European country seem to think so.

Ukraine has a problem with train crossings.

Every year dozens are killed by trains while crossing tracks, often bad winter weather is responsible for poor visibility leading to these tragedies.

In 2006 on the 13th of October in the region around Chernihov two young lovers crossed a train track in a Lada automobile. The man was 23 and his female companion was only 18.

The couple was planning to wed and they were on their way to inform the would-be bride's parents. Their car was struck by a train and the two were killed instantly.

Drivers on this route now frequently report seeing a ghost of a woman with long flowing hair and a white dress pushing a translucent image of a car of the track at the very spot the couple was killed.

Even more disturbingly the ghost is seen trying to push real cars with people in it onto the track. The cars she chooses are often on their way to a funeral.

'The girl must have so wanted to get married she remains in spot forever trying to hopelessly rewrite history' commented one Ukrainian paranormal researcher.