Russian Diplomat Found Dead In Southern Ukraine

ODESSA, Ukraine -- Russia's vice-consul in Odessa, southern Ukraine, was discovered dead early on Monday, local media said.

"It is true, the man passed away," a diplomatic source told RIA Novosti. "I can't tell you what happened, it is being investigated.", the city's news portal, reported that Igor Tsvetkov, born in 1965, apparently hanged himself in the Russian consulate building in Odessa.

The diplomat's wife and child are reported to have been in an adjoining room when the alleged suicide occurred.

The local police department and the Russian consulate have yet to make an official statement.

Tsvetkov, the vice consul in charge of bilateral cultural cooperation, was also rumored to be responsible for providing support to pro-Russian political parties in Odessa.

This January media in the southern city reported that a briefcase containing official documents was stolen from the official's car.

Source: RIA Novosti