Political Analyst: Ukraine Teetering Between Chaos, Dictatorship

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine is teetering between chaos and dictatorship, according to the director of the Kyiv Horshenin Institute for Management Problems, Kost Bondarenko.

Kost Bondarenko

"Ukraine is now balancing between chaos and dictatorship. The danger of dictatorship and fascism primarily appears where there is the temptation to seek simple solutions to problems... Other causes for such developments would be an increase in the strain on the country's economic and the growth of populism. As you can see, we have all these tendencies," Bondarenko has said during a round table meeting entitled "Ukraine between chaos and dictatorship. Is there a Christian answer?" on Monday in Kyiv.

According to the political analyst, Ukraine is turning into a "corrupt, speculative state."

"A state that speculates over its transit position, a state where oligarchy dictates its own laws and where power relies generally on the oligarchs… These very facts constitute a threat to Ukraine's present situation, namely balancing between chaos and dictatorship," he said.

Source: Kyiv Post