Party Of Children Of War Established In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- The decision to establish the Ukrainian Party of Children of the War has been made at its founding congress on Sunday, the press service of the Ukrainian Socialist Party said.

There are almost eight million citizens in Ukraine whose childhood was in the years of World War II, said Anatoliy Pachevsky, a deputy of the Vinnytsia regional parliament, who was unanimously elected the party's chairman.

"Today they have to fight for their rights and for carrying out the law on the protection of children of the war adopted at the initiative of the Socialist Party," Pachevsky said.

Children of the war now suffer "from non-professional policy of authorities, from the lack of the government's desire to fulfill the law which provides for 30% pension accretions and 20% discounts for paying for public utility services and a number of other benefits," Socialist Party leader Oleksandr Moroz said at the congress.

"The famous monument to the Soviet soldier holding a girl in Berlin's Treptow Part was chosen as the party's logo," the Socialist Party press service said.

Source: Kyiv Post