Lviv Judge Jailed And Disrobed

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ihor Zvarych, former Lviv Appeals Court judge, was arrested on March 9 and transferred to Kyiv, where a court ordered him jailed.

Ihor Zvarych accused of taking bribes.

The general prosecutor started a criminal case against Zvarych in December after, authorities allege, he was caught taking a $100,000 bribe.

Searches of his home and office turned up $1 million and Hr 2 million in cash.

Zvarych disappeared from a private hospital on Dec.15.

The Verkhovna Rada revoked his immunity from prosecution, granted to all judges, on Dec. 18 and removed him as a judge.

After finding his hiding place, enforcement agencies drove up to the house in a fire truck, extended the ladder and entered the building.

The suspect attempted to escape through the roof.

Justice Minister Mykola Onishchuk said on March 10 that the Zvarych case should be a lesson to “other judges who are misusing their powers and are not fit for the posts they occupy.”

Source: Kyiv Post