Ambassadors: Political Instability Prevents Ukraine From Joining NATO

KIEV, Ukraine -- Political instability in Ukraine is a major obstacle of the country on its way to joining NATO, according to the ambassadors of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to Ukraine.

They were speaking during a press club at the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, entitled "Ten years of NATO membership: in hindsight," in Kyiv on Tuesday.

"I think that in the technical context, you are working quite effectively and successfully. It is difficult to make any criticisms here," Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Jacek Kluczkowski said, adding that the "major problem here is the absence of any stability in the state."

He said that when Poland was joining the alliance, there was domestic understanding and unity between the political parties in this connection.

He said he knew many representatives of the Regions Party who earlier supported Ukraine's integration with the alliance, however, serious changes have now occurred.

"Perhaps it is due to the lack of talk and dialogue between political parties," Kluczkowski said.

Hungarian Ambassador to Ukraine Andras Barsony said that the alliance acts, first and foremost, as a military political organization.

"The issue concerns not only the position and activity of the Foreign Ministry or the Defense Ministry, but also domestic political work in the country. If the domestic political situation remains unstable, there will be no chance [for Ukraine to join NATO]," he said.

He also said that NATO could not interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine, because it is a sovereign and independent state - it could only help the country on its way to stabilizing the domestic situation.

"We have no moral right to interfere with an independent state. We can only support it," the ambassador said.

"NATO enlargement means the enlargement of the stability zone," Czech Ambassador to Ukraine Jaroslav Basta said.

He said that if a country wants to gain NATO membership, there should be political stability in this country.

Source: Kyiv Post