Ukraine Libraries Cleared Of Soviet Books

KIEV, Ukraine -- Libraries throughout Ukraine are beginning to get rid of literary works written by Soviet authors as part of a government effort, an official says.

M. Bulgakov's 'The Master and Margarita'.

Luhansk City Council Deputy Arsen Klinchayev said books written by such noted Soviet authors as Mikhail Bulgakov and Vladimir Mayakovskiy had been removed from Ukrainian libraries, ForUm said Friday.

Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine Vasyl Vovkun ordered to remove Soviet literature from all libraries as communist and chauvinistic works.

They started with Bulgakov and Mayakovskiy, Klinchayev said.

Bulgakov is known for such works as the novel, The Master and Margarita, while Mayakovskiy earned notoriety for his poems in the Russian Futurism genre.

Source: UPI


Yuriy said…
This is truly a great loss for Ukrainian public, since there is no equivalent to the genius of neither Bulgakov nor Mayakovskiy in Ukrainian literature.
Andrew said…
Welcome move - Old Russian Soviet propaganda brings no positives for an independent ukraine......