Ukraine Court Prohibits Construction Of Shopping Mall Near Euro 2012 Stadium

KIEV, Ukraine -- A court has prohibited the construction of a shopping centre which had delayed the upgrading of the stadium where the 2012 European Championship final is scheduled to be held.

The modernization of the Olympic Stadium has been delayed due to a nearby shopping centre being built. UEFA had warned that the centre could make the stadium unsuitable by blocking some exit routes and compromising security.

Ukraine is co-hosting Euro 2012 with neighbouring Poland, and both countries face the challenge of building stadiums and upgrading dilapidated infrastructure.

Kyiv's economic court ruled Monday that construction of the mall must be stopped and the two floors that have already been built torn down, according to a statement from the Prosecutor General's Office.

The government says it is looking for ways to compensate the mall's investors.

UEFA last year awarded the prestigious event to the former eastern bloc for the first time since Yugoslavia hosted it in 1976.

Source: The Canadian Press


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