Orange Money - It is Not as Much as it Seemed

KIEV, Ukraine -- The story with Yushchenkos’ (father and son) rights for the Orange Revolution trade marks continues to develop. Marketing and intellectual property experts think that the Yushchenko family can use these trademarks in commercial uses. However, according to their opinion, the business appeal of these bands is not that great.

Viktor Yushchenko with son Andrey and daughter Vita

As Kommersant already wrote earlier, Viktor and Andrey Yushchenko registered their trademarks “Bloc of Viktor Yushchenko,” “Yushchenko,” “Viktor Yushchenko,” “V. Yushchenko” (owned by Viktor Yushchenko) and “Tak! Yushchenko” (owned by Andrey Yushchenko) in seven types of goods and services, starting from printing products and ending with real estate.

The press secretary of Viktor Yushchenko, Irina Herashenko, confirmed the information that brands of the Orange Revolution are registered by the president’s family. Although, she noted, that “was done for judicial defense of symbols and brands from their possible use in the dirty technologies.”

In the meantime, the information that the main owner of rights for the symbols is Andrey Yushchenko was sounded by the president’s ally – Mekola Katerinchuk, deputy chairman of tax administration. He said that when he tried to explain to journalists the income sources for Yushchenko’s son, a third-year college student.

The experts who were questioned by Kommersant confirmed the possibility of using revolutionary symbols for commercial purposes. According to Irena Tulubieva, head of the law department of the Intellect Consulting Company, one of the most famous specialists for copyrights, Yushchenko can get royalties from the producers of the goods with the revolutionary symbols by two ways: the producer can pay a fixed amount of money or regularly pay out a percentage from sales which can reach 8 percent. If that is the case, then Tulubieva thinks the Yushchenko income from the revolutionary brands can be in the millions of grivnas.

Marketing specialists also say there are commercial possibilities to use the trademarks. However, according to their opinion, the attractiveness of the Orange Revolution symbols in the consumer market is quite low. Valentin Pustotin, director of the brand consulting company Sledopyt (Scout), these symbols can be put in the category of the so-called short-term brands that don’t live long.

“Brands like this can change their attractiveness overnight if the electorate stops liking the person whom they elected,” Pustotin said. According to his opinion, the active fans of the Orange Revolution consume a lot of different categories of goods. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that these goods can be sold for long or have additional sizeable markup.

The question about copyrights for the revolutionary symbols was raised after Katerinchuk suggested Andrey Yushchenko is a quite wealthy young man because all these brands are registered in his name. The situation on the market tells a different story. Thus, the question about Andrey Yushchenko’s income stays open.

Source: Kommersant