Yushchenko Claims that Two Witnesses on Gongadze Case Were Murdered

STRASBOURG, France -- President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko claims that two witnesses on the case of Georgiy Gongadze were murdered.

Victor Yushchenko has said this in Strasbourg at a press conference, asked about the investigation of the Gongadze case.

“I have information, which renders me optimistic, that we can put an end to this story… Many things were wiped out, two out of the four main witnesses were murdered”, said Victor Yushchenko, giving no details.

According to him, the main problem in the Gongadze case is to preserve the materials which may indicate the guilty.

The President has disclosed that after his meeting with Lessia Gongadze, a “special group of police and SBU departments was set up and subjected to the General Prosecutor’s Office”. According to him, this group is being used for an effective probing into this case.

“As of today, two cases, which are indirectly connected with the death of Giya Gongadze, have been passed by the PGO to court”, said the President.