The Car in Which Gongadze Was Driven Away Has Been Located

KIEV, Ukraine -- In the Gongadze investigation, a witness who saw the journalist get into a car “planted by the police” has been identified and the car has been located.

Yuriy Lutsenko, Minister of Internal Affairs stated this in an interview on ICTV television.

“We have clearly identified those who got Gongadze into the car. This car is also now in our custody,” stated the Minister.

Murdered Journalist Gongadze

Lutsenko again affirmed his certainty that the police will identify not only those who detained Gongadze, but also those who contracted his detention. “This will be more complicated, but we will get them,” added the Minister.

He also confirmed that not all police who “followed, tapped conversations, and got [Gongadze] to get into the car” are criminals, because they were carrying out the order of their superiors, not knowing that this order was a crime.

“If we need to preserve the anonymity, or even stimulate the solution of this crime with financial reward, we will do so, because this is the most famous criminal investigation in the world right now,” added Lutsenko.


Anonymous said…
Kuchma had an involvement in this murder as evidenced by the Melnychenko tapes.

Minister Lutsenko should "throw the book at him", despite the fact that he is an ex-president.

Only "banana republic" presidents have the right to behave the way Kuchma did.