Bush Advises PORA to Work in Moldova, While They Want to Focus on Belarus

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia -- The civic campaign PORA which took part in the Orange Revolution, will expand its activities in Belarus and Moldova.

Vladyslav Kaskiv, the leader of PORA, announced the organization’s intention to support democracy in Belarus during a meeting in Bratislava of US President George Bush with representatives of pro-democracy organizations.

According to a PORA press release, PORA’s intention to be active in Belarus evoked a “positive reaction” from Bush.

PORA Activists During Orange Revolution

Bush also supported the idea expressed by PORA that “freedom cannot stop at the Ukrainian border” and added that the object of such an international collaboration could be supporting democratic elections in Moldova.

Kaskiv also proposed the formation of an “International Democracy Institute” with a headquarters in Kyiv.

Following his meeting with the leaders of the various democracy movements, Bush appeared on the central square of Bratislava and talked about the potential for the spread of democracy around the world. During his speech, Bush mentioned the achievements of Ukrainians and Ukraine’s potential seven times.

At the same time, as reported by the Institute of Mass Information, another Ukrainian was to meet with Bush – UT-1 sign-language translator Natalia Dmytruk, who used sign language to report the truth about the election falsifications.

As has been reported, Natalia Dmytruk ignored the prepared text of broadcaster Tetiana Kravchenko during the November 25 morning news telecast about Yanukovych’s victory. Instead, Dmytruk told viewers the following: “The results of the Central Election Committee have been falsified. Don’t believe them. Yushchenko is our president. I feel sorry that it has come to broadcasting lies. I will no longer take part in it. I don’t know if we will see one another again."